Integrating Mono.Cecil with Unity

Have you seen JB Evain's talk at Unite? If you haven't, then you probably can't, as it has been inexplicably taken down. The subject matter is mostly about using a library called Mono.Cecil to actually alter a .NET assembly, allowing for both injecting and removing code. This gives us the ability to create C# post-processors which operate on the compiled assembly, not the code files. I've been writing some pretty repetitive code of late, and so I figured I'd try using this approach to simplify things. There is a problem with this though - there isn't an "on assembly built" event in Unity that we can hook in to.


  1. Compile our code to a managed DLL, and set up Visual Studio to run the assembly post processor on it before placing it in the output directory.
  2. Hack it up.

One of the things I really hate is a shitty workflow, and (at least at the moment) I find using managed DLLs in Unity to be conducive to exactly that. For example, if I double click on a message in the console, it won't open the file in my IDE like it does when I'm letting Unity compile everything for me. In addition, I'd like to have the option to distribute what I'm working on as an Asset Store editor extension, and imposing upon users that they must compile their code to a managed DLL and import it into their project is pretty much out of the question if you ask me. So, I opted for option #2.

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