Mono and mkbundle on Windows

A problem for a fair few Mono and .NET developers is "what if the user doesn't have Mono or .NET installed?" You can bootstrap the .NET installer into an .msi installer, but if you really need to just zip up a few files and send them to someone, and have your application just work, then you might need mkbundle.

Mkbundle is a great tool included in the Mono framework, which allows you to embed the Mono runtime with your application, into a single executable. On OSX you can just use MonoMac (especially if you want to distribute something on the Mac App Store), but on Windows we'll need to crank up the good ol' command line!

Right, the first thing to say, is that on Windows, mkbundle is sort of broken (at least in Mono 2.10.5 which I'm using), the code is pretty straightforward, so I might have a go at patching it up if I get some time in the next few months, I've never contributed to an open-source project before, first time for everything. Anyway, here's the list of workarounds I had to use to get an application to bundle and run:

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