Making a Multiplayer FPS in C++ Part 7: The Vulkan Projection Matrix, and Other Graphics Things

In the previous part of the series I mostly did some miscellaneous cleanup. This part unfortunately has no netcode whatsoever - it’s all about graphics (browse code here, it’s not pretty).

“You’re Not A Graphics Programmer, Stupid”

I’m no graphics guy, but I’m hoping I can still make an acceptable renderer. I’m trying to take a from-scratch approach with this thing, and graphics will be no exception. This means I need to derive the most basic building blocks like projection and transformation matrices, armed only with my B grade in A-Level maths from more than a decade ago. Though you don’t ever really need to do this sort of thing these days, it’s still (in my view) an interesting and worthwhile exercise.

The Coordinate System

Firstly I need to pick a coordinate system. For some reason, I always liked positive X-axis right, positive Y-axis up, and positive Z-axis forwards. I really have no idea why, but I found this tweet which nicely sums up the different coordinate systems and which engines/programs use which:

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